Tests and results

Scientific tests and results regarding Colostrum Complex

Prof. Raymond Playford, London

He had proved that our Colostrum Complex when processed was still active even on a high level.

Prof. Dietmar Fucks, Austria

He was interested in testing our Colostrum Complex in a specific system. He found that the Colostrum Complex worked in 2 ways – suppressing inflammation and improving the immune system. His results had the capacity to be published in the scientific journal: New Microbiologia in 2010.

Professional healers test of ByLykke Skin Crème

Aalborg’s Home Care – Denmark

ByLykke Skin Crème for a period of three months, has been tested in cooperation with social and health care assistants in people with diabetes 1 and 2, with the aim that the whole and prevent shin wounds.

Result: It was recommended to use ByLykke Skin Crème for future treatment back home.

Pediatrician Karen Tilma

ByLykke Skin Crème has been tested on children with eczema and one child with autism, as bed and damaging themselves.

Result: Tilma found that no other products she had knowledge of could both whole and provide moisture at the same time, why she recommends using ByLykke Skin Crème in between treatments with prescription creams.

Cosmetology and owner of Xenobia shop – Pia Christensen

In Pia`s clinic ByLykke Skin Crème is recommended to customers as a daily basis crème and also used in her clinic for the treatment of skin problems.

Result: Pia experience that ByLykke Skin Crème has healing effects and that the crème is fully absorbable and do not stop the skin’s pores.

Tests in Germany – 2015

Acutiz was participating in a In2Lifescience project with the ByLykke Skin Crème. The project was led by Dr. Claudia Ulbrich, Hannover, Germany and tested by Dr. Birgit Thomas, Dermatogisk clinic in Lübeck, Germany.

ByLykke Skin Crème has been tested in Dr. Thomas `s clinic over a period of 5 weeks in patients with various skin problems.

Result: Dr. Thomas found that ByLykke Skin Crème had calmed, healing and anti-inflammatory effect. 8 out of 10 showed improvements.

ACUTIZ own documentation

Since 2008 we have been in close contact with our customers. We have been sent many pictures of before and after results, as well as lengthy reports on ByLykke products positive effect on even the most difficult skin problems.

These images and texts we have in most cases been allowed to show on our website, but due to the strict marketing rules about cosmetic products, it is unfortunately not possible.

The many great results we have seen over the years have been used to constantly improve our products so that they live up to the positive image, the many expressions that are given on various social media and closed group of various skin disorders.

We’ve also got a great knowledge of ByLykke ‘s effects on various ailments and experience that it is difficult to generalize. Therefore, we have decided to send samples so each one can test the effect on their skin.

In 1000 some of the samples are sent and many have given positive feedback, but there are of course some who do not experience the same positive effect, but simply experiencing the cream as a good moisturize.

We always recommend to consult dermatologists and other professionals as our expertise lies exclusively in the development and production of care.

No products have the ability to help all, why it is important to draw its own personal experience and trial and error.