Colostrum Complex

Organic Colostrum Complex

Colostrum Complex, is the fundamental ingredient in skin care products from ByLykke.
Pia Lykke Bertelsen has in the period 2005-2008 developed this ingredient in a research collaboration with Aalborg University of Denmark.
Using new technology in the manufacturing process has made it possible to release and activate Colostrum`s many properties.
Through research and tests, it is proved that the finished ingredient attenuates virus and strengthens immunity (published in 2010).

The origin of the colostrum (Colostrum) is from a certified organic dairy farms.

The first colostrum given the newborn calf to ensure its immune system. The excess raw milk is sold for commercial purposes.

Colostrum contains more than 90 well-defined components, which are grouped into: The immune factors, growth factors, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Our supplier – Neovite Ltd. UK – is supplying raw milk in food quality according to European standards.

In addition to the raw milk to Acutiz, develops and manufactures the company Neovite supplements for elite athletes.

With respect to raw milk quality, Neovite notified us the following

”Our raw colostrum is collected from cow milk of organic farms in West Wales. Colostrum is frozen on the farm immediately after milking. The frozen colostrum is transported to the processing plant where it is defrosted, skimmed, pasteurized and spray dried. The Welsh organic farms have never had any BSE as the cows are never given feeds with any animal protein. There has been no BSE found on any kind of farm in Wales this year.”